DIY Flower Planters

So, along with the rest of the female population, we too, are obsessed with plants and flowers. Like, I've never seen hashtags I resonate with more than #abmplantlady and #crazyplantlady. They just make your space happier! And I'm getting better at keeping them alive. ;) 

We spend a bit of time shopping for pretty plants and blooms, but once you bring your cute little green babes home, they absolutely have to go into a pot that matches their cuteness, or else this whole thing is just thrown off balance, right?! We love the cute design-y planters at West Elm, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie, but let's be real. I don't have $20 to drop on a flower pot every time I want one, especially when the plants are just like, $5. Ya feel me? So, we decided to make our own! It maybe cost us $10 altogether. And they turned out super cute, and totally match our personalities! And we can't just keep this fab, money-saving technique to ourselves! So, here ya go. 

DIY Flower Planters


  • Ceramic Flower Pots (we got ours at Michael's for like $2)
  • Mod Podge
  • Acrylic Paint (as many colors as you want!)
  • Paint Brushes

And then you just let creativity take over! As simple or as crazy as you want it! Depending on the design you choose, you might want to place tape over part of your pot, so as not to get any paint on that specific part. I decided I wanted the rim of my pot to be blue, so I placed tape under the rim to make sure no blue got on the bottom part of the pot! 

I chose to do a simple polka dot design with a teal rim, and Jenna chose to do a more Aztec kind of design--black and white with flecks of gold! It maybe took us 20 minutes and again, so affordable! After you're finished painting your design, let the paint dry (about 5-10 minutes) and then coat the entire pot with mod podge to give it a sealed finish! 

And boom! Your plant babies have really cute, happy new homes! Proud to say that her cute little succulent and my aloe plant are both still alive after a couple of weeks! ;) 

So, since we found an affordable easy way to house all of our plants, we can buy even more, right? I think it totally evens out! 

p.s. I found a place for my polka dotted plant on my polka dotted bar cart that Jenna made me for Christmas! :)

If you wanna know how to make your own adorable little vintage bar cart, and what to fill it with, check out her post on it! I seriously love mine so much! 

----> Bar Cart Starter

And tag us if you decide to do this project! We'd love to see what design you choose! We'll definitely be doing this one again, so it can't hurt to have a stack of ideas! :) 

Peace & (Flower) Pots,