"Does it Come in Black?": 5 Ways to Add Color to a Neutral Wardrobe

Cort: "I was thinking it'd be cute if we started the post out with us holding some of our all black clothes."

*Jenna runs to her room and picks up the first 15 things she finds on her floor...all of which are black.*

Jenna: "Yeah, I think this will do." #thestruggleisreal

Summer is here! *still dresses in all black*

Have you taken a look in your closet recently? Is it all black? Do you wear black, grey, and muted colors like, everyday? Well, you’re in good company…cause we do too. Don’t get us wrong, we looooove colors! They’re so bright and happy! But for some odd reason, black is our tried and true go-to. We’ve challenged ourselves recently to add more color to our wardrobe, and we wanna share our tips with you!

Here are 5 ways to incorporate color into your neutral wardrobe!

1. A Colorful Hat or Hair Accessory

When wearing a big ol' red hat, you'll be sure to feel peppy and bold. And we always love a bow!

Hat from Urban Outfitters - bow from American Apparel

2. A Bright Scarf, Necklace, or Both!

An easy fix to an otherwise blah outfit! Fun fact: Jenna's "scarf" is actually a napkin from Anthro. ;)

Cort's scarf from Fashionable in Nashville - Jen's scarf/napkin from Anthropologie and necklace was gifted

3. A bright flannel or cardi over a black dress

Pairing a flannel that's tied over a flowy dress also acts as a belt and pulls in the waist! Bonus points!

Flannel from Urban Outfitters

4. Bold shoes!

Don't wanna add too much color? Opt for a little pop at your feet!

Shoes from Target

5. Lipstick!

Our favorite addition to any outfit! If you're looking for bold colors like these, check out LimeCrime.com for their lip stains, called Velvetines.

Lip color from Lime Crime

It’s easy to fade into the crowd with your neutrals…but let’s all challenge ourselves to stand out and be bold! You’re a unique and beautiful sunflower, and the world wants to see more of you.

Love & Color