Our Whole 30 Recap!

We did it! 30 days of only eating whole foods. It was tough for sure, but we BOTH feel so great and learned a lot!

Starting out, we were both so worried that we would accidentally mess up or eat something that's not allowed on Whole 30. We BOTH had actual nightmares about accidentally eating a cookie or something without thinking. hahaha. But we finished it and didn't cheat once! We're pretty proud of that. ;)

It was a little bit of a rough start with our bodies getting used to such a drastic change. (If you're unfamiliar with Whole 30, it's basically no sugar, alcohol, legumes (like beans etc.), dairy, or grains/wheat). We both love coffee so much...but only with creamer. Black coffee is just not an option. Cortney opted to not have coffee at all (cue the headaches). Jenna made her own almond milk (it's so yum!) and used that instead. We both felt a LOT more awake and had loads more energy. That was one of our main motivations, and we were so thrilled when it proved true!

Aside from all that, it really taught us to actually pay attention to what's in the food that we're putting in our bodies. It's barely more effort to read the label and find the item with fewer/real ingredients. We've both agreed that we'll keep a lot of the same meal plans for day to day, then splurge occasionally.

Here's a look inside some of our meals! Cooking the same things can become a bit monotonous...but you learn to get real creative to mix it up. Recipes from the Whole 30 book and following the @Whole30Recipes account on IG really helped when we were struggling to mix it up in other ways.

You learn to mash "potatoes" in other ways... We did a sweet potato mash and a cauliflower mash!

We had eggs for breakfast 30 days in a row. With greens, with sausage, scrambled, fried, in an omelette...you name it, we ate it. Are we over eggs? A little bit, yeah. Bring on the waffles!

Jenna is an avid Diet Coke drinker. La Croix saved her life on Whole 30. We lived on La Croix and Coconut water.

Dinner was the easiest, because we were actually home to cook it and try new recipes. But you absolutely 100% HAVE to prep. Meal prep is key to success in this whole operation. Sketch out your meal plan for the week. Thaw your meats, chop your veggies in bulk, and keep Lara Bars (Lemon & Apple Pie were our fave flavors!) in case you need a quick snack.

Towards the end, we were definitely over it at some points. AKA, I don't know if either of us have ever been this long without wine. How else do you watch movies?! But you get the feeling of "mind over matter," and feel like you've really accomplished a pretty tough challenge!

If you'd like to hear anymore about our journey, or how we'd recommend starting (and we'd recommend at least doing it once to everyone, seriously), leave a comment! Email us, or find us on Insta @awhimsywonderland! If you're ready to get started, like now, check out whole30.com for the full guidelines! (Like, not all Lara Bars are allowed.) Be careful with your shopping!

We'd also love to hear your journey with Whole 30 from any of you that have tried it!

Kay, bye, we're gonna go eat some cookies,

Jen & Cort