A ModCloth Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is already upon us! Wanna do something a little more than roses and a card to show her how much ya love her? We're teaming up with ModCloth to bring you the cutest Mother's Day brunch essentials for you and yo mama! Thanks so much to ModCloth for endorsing this post! (And also for having the punniest item names and cutest knick-knacks ever in the world <3) **This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through our links. 

We all know that brunch is way more than just what you eat. It's the atmosphere! What you wear, how the table is set, and the people you're with. (Brunch is sacred 'round these parts). If we were hosting a brunch for our mamas, this is how we would do it!

What to wear!

Mothers' Day is kinda like Easter where you get to go all out in your frilly, flouncy, frocks! Let's get Springy!

Jen's outfit:

Cort's outfit:

Set the table!

And last but most important, gifts for mom!

Here's what we would pick for our mamas, but you can find endless options of cute gifts for YOUR mom in the link here! -> Shop Mother's Day gifts from ModCloth!

Need some ideas for what to cook up for brunch? Try our Blueberry Pie (the blueberries make it acceptable to eat for breakfast ;) and/or A Beautiful Mess' Sour Cream Waffles with Caramelized Bananas. (YUM) And also mimosas. Obvi.


Yay! Now you're all set for the most lovely and springy Mothers' Day brunch!


Much love, mamas!

Jen & Cort