Whimsy Wishlist Wednesday: 5 Shows You Should Absolutely Be Watching on Netflix

I was originally going to title this post "5 Shows to Add to your Netflix Queue." And then I remembered it wasn't 2004. 

Netflix is a beautiful, beautiful thing, y'all. It's hard for me to remember the days pre-netflix where you actually had to move from the couch to change discs while watching your favorite show! Blasphemy, right?! It's so easy for us to watch whatever we want at the click of a button, and now all you have to do is click "keep watching" after a few episodes. I mean, come on, Netflix, obviously I'm still watching. I've watched 6 episodes. Why would I stop? 

So, this Whimsy Wishlist Wednesday is a bit different than the ones we normally post (various things we're wishing for). This is what you should absolutely 547% wish for & watch ASAP recommended by your friendly Netflix guru & mojito sippin', popcorn snackin, couch potato pro, Cortney. :) 

I tried to do a little of it all because I like a lot of different genres of T.V. Needless to say, this took some editing. But these 5 are my most recent or just my forever obsessions. So, here we go. 

1. Gilmore Girls

I know, I know. Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other social media feed is full of this right now. But I can't help it. I'm obsessed, and have been for 10 years. I so vividly remember the day I was introduced to GG, at my friend Emily's house after school while eating Chex Mix. This was the show that required the most disc changing for me before it arrived to Netflix. It's my unwind show, or my "wake up and drink my coffee" show. It's my always fave. Mother-daughter duo against the world at its finest. 

Also, Emily Gilmore is QUEEN! 


Tyler and I were way behind on the LOST train. We never watched it during the 7 years it aired on actual T.V. Our obsession hit us sophomore year of college. Holy everything, this show, y'all. It's definitely sci-fi-ish (which I kind of love. nerd alert). But it'll make you laugh, break your heart, and kind of make you wonder if this crazy island is actually out there. We've since re-watched the series and caught SO MUCH STUFF that we didn't even notice the first time! It's definitely a show you can watch multiple times, but you have to pay attention. Or at least I do. But if it's a show like this, I'm always the one at the party "shhh"-ing everyone. ;) 

Also, to further prove my obsession, here's a picture of my Dharma (you'll know what this is if you've seen the show) mug! Thanks, hubby! 

I have also debated having "the numbers" tattooed on my foot multiple times, and my husband always talks me back down. I should probably be thankful. See! Dharma, The Numbers--I'm dropping so many hints that now you basically have to watch it! 

3. Parenthood

This one is one of the more recent obsessions for me. I finished this series sometime last year, and I have never had such roller coaster emotions while watching a completely fictional television show. And it's because (and anyone who's seen it can tell you) it's so real. Like, they portray real life, real struggles, real happiness, so well. Before I moved to Cali from Tennessee, a group of my closest girlfriends and I would get together each week to watch the newest episode. It was that urgent. And Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) is in it too! More to love!

I also have a mug to prove my obsession with this show! Is crazy mug lady better than crazy cat lady? P.S. the Luncheonette is a recording studio that Adam and Crosby work for in the show! Another hint! Go watch it!

4. The Killing

I think this show started airing on AMC, and then became a Netflix original for one or more of the seasons. So good! Like, props Netflix (and AMC, obvs). This is another one Ty and I got hooked on together, and it's kind of out of character for me. I usually like more light-hearted, fun, cheery stuff.  This show is dark & eery & painfully real at times, but the acting is nothing short of phenomenal. And it makes me realize I would never ever have the guts to be a detective. 

5. Gossip Girl

Girly, scandalous, guilty pleasure t.v. at it's best. The high school life we all wished we lived. And maybe you did if you're from the Upper East Side, but my high school experience was absolutely in no way related to anything in this series, which made me indulge in this show even more. It makes you want to say "OMG" out loud and give just about everyone you pass Blair Waldorf's resting bitch face. I'll 100% watch it again. 

She is second in line for queen next to Emily Gilmore. Always ask, "What would Blair Waldorf Do?"

Now, get to watching, sweet peaches! 

Netflix & Chill,