Hair Dye DIY: The Easiest Way to Add Temporary Color to Your Hair at Home

Summer & festival season is almost upon us, babes! That means crop tops, fringy sandals, flower crowns, and bright hair! The sunshiney weather here in L.A. got us inspired to do something bold for summer. 

And if you follow us, you know our love for pink. And here's where Jenna and I, again, balance each other out so well. 

Me: "What if it doesn't look good?"

Jenna: "Well, it's too late now, we've already started."

Me: "Okay." ;) 

So here's is our easy as 1-2-3 DIY hair dye (done with Kool-Aid, believe it or not! Does it take you back to 7th grade, cause it definitely did for us!). 

First, boil a small pot of water (about 2-3 cups). Then, after you've removed the pot from the stove, add your choice of Kool-Aid and stir!

We chose to combine Black Cherry & Cherry to create a bright, bold pinkish-red! 

Next, after the mixture has cooled, transfer it to a more shallow bowl, wrap yourself in a towel (one that you don't care about staining), and dip your hair into the dye!

Leave your hair in for about 20-30 minutes, depending on how bold you want the color to be! You don't necessarily have to lay down. I am just not a person to sit still for 30 minutes waiting on something. At least if I'm lying down, there's a chance I might get a nap.

After your 30 minutes are up, wrap your hair in a towel (the one you don't care about staining, cause you will), then proceed to rinse your hair with just water (no shampoo yet!). 

Dry it, style it, and voila! 

Easy as that, and it washes out gradually! One week later, my hair is now a more sweet, pastel pink with hints of red! And why would you pay $100 for this when you can do it right at home?!

Try it out! And tag us on insta @awhimsywonderland if you do!

You'll feel like a rockstar, I promise! Or a unicorn. Either is good. 

Love & Pink Hair,


Photos by Jenna Stocks