5 Places to go for Dessert on National Oreo Day (in L.A.)!

Another yummy, national holiday upon us, friends! National Oreo Day- March 6th (tomorrow)!

I feel like these days, that there are at least two of these "national something days" each month, but hey, I'm not complaining. I like celebrating, even if it is for a margarita or a cookie, or something just as fair-weather-friendish as that. They're on my calendar, so I have to honor them in some way, right?

So, for national strawberry day, we showed you two of our favorite healthy strawberry recipes. Link to post here. So, I think we've fulfilled our obligation (for this month at least) for keeping you guys healthy. ;) There's not really a healthy way to eat an Oreo, unless you go NOT double-stuffed, and like, why would you? 

And dessert in L.A. is crazy crazy good. And wild. And everywhere. 

So, here are five places in L.A. you should go and eat for National Oreo Day

1. Doomie's Home Cookin'. 

Leave it to Los Angeles to make southern "comfort food" vegan! They've got a wide variety on their menu, but we're here to talk dessert. 

What to Order: Deep Fried Oreos

 Photo via Popsugar Food 

Photo via Popsugar Food 

2. Scoops Westside

The name speaks for itself, right? Obvs, it's ice cream. And they have a lot of Oreo flavors (although they change monthly)! Strawberry Cheesecake Oreo, Mocha Oreo, just plain ole Cookies & Cream. 

BUT what to order: Salted Oreo Ice Cream

 Photo via Scoops Westside 

Photo via Scoops Westside 

3. The Griddle

Pancakes, pancakes, PANCAKES! All the flavors ever imaginable! Growing up in Tennessee, where we have Pancake Pantry (excuse my while I cry a little that it's not five minutes away from me anymore), I didn't know if I could ever really, truly love another pancake. But...I mean, I'm sorry, Pancake Pantry. Yours are good, but The Griddle's are bigger. 

What to Order: "Black Magic" Oreo Pancakes. And yes, they are nothing less than sin. 

 Photo via The Griddle Cafe 

Photo via The Griddle Cafe 

4. Toast Bakery Cafe

The cutest little breakfast place. It's like the perfect combination of a "family" restaurant and an upscale brunch spot. Once more, you really can't go wrong ordering anything off the menu, buttttttt...

What to Order: Oreo Banana Pudding

Makin' my southern heart just so happy over here. 

 Photo via FOOD

Photo via FOOD

5. California Donuts

Last, but certainly not least (it's actually probably first in my mind, cause donuts), one of the most legendary donut places (and trust me, there are SO MANY) in Los Angeles. When you're going on NOT National Oreo Day, get the fruity pebbles donut. Fred & Wilma would be really happy. 

What to Order: Cookies & Cream Donut AND Panda Donut

There is no "or" in this situation. You have to get both. 

Photos via California Donuts

Now, you know exactly how to ring this holiday in properly, lovelies! 

Let us know what you try or any other spots we should be checking out! There's no such thing as too many dessert options! Tag us on insta @awhimsywonderland! :) 


Love & All the Oreos,