Floral Wire Wall Hanging DIY

Hi, loves! 

So, I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes through the "I want to spruce every room in the house but I don't have the funds to do so" phase. Right? Anyway, spring is coming (already basically sprung here in L.A.) and that makes me itch to add some sort of floral something to every room in our apartment! Which is really just living room/kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but still. I definitely did not inherit the "green thumb" gene. Many a plants have sadly met their maker by coming home with me, so unless it's pretty much guaranteed not to die, it usually doesn't make its way into our apartment (for its own good). 

Nevertheless, I love flowers and wanted a little something to spruce up a wall in our bedroom! A wall that I'm not quite finished sprucing, because even though we've been in our L.A. apartment for almost a year now, I'm still adding finishing touches here and there as I come across various ideas that I love! And in this case, it definitely doesn't hurt that one of Jenna's and my best friends, Morgan, is a floral designer/DIY queen. So, I told Morgan I just wanted a floral wall hanging of some sort and she came up with the perfect CHEAP (holla!) DIY project! And since she made it, I was able to shoot it, which means now you lovelies can learn how to make it too! 

It's a little different, which I love. Something I had never seen before until she showed me her idea. And there's also not really a cute name for it. So, with that said, here's our floral wire wall hanging DIY. 

What you need:

  • Chicken Wire (Hobby Lobby)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Command Strips (or nails)
  • Wire Cutters (strong ones!)
  • Fake Flowers (Jo'Ann's, Michael's, basically any craft store)
  • Ruler to Measure the Chicken Wire
  • Spray Paint (we chose gold for our all white flowers, because we wanted it to just have a tint of gold sparkle).
  • Cardboard (for the spray-painting part)


Isn't she presh? Why wouldn't you want her designing things for your house?!

Now, you've got your supplies. Some of these things we already had. And the rest of the things were super affordable! Depending on the amount of flowers you want, it could be less or more! P.S. Michael's often does a 50% off sale on their flowers, so if you catch 'em on a good day, you'll save some moo-lah. 


Step 1: Spray Paint your Flowers

We used an entire bottle of gold spray paint for the amount of flowers pictured, so, if you plan on doing more, allot for more spray paint! Make sure they're totally dry before attaching them to the wire! We let ours dry for about 25 minutes! 

Step 2: Cut the Chicken Wire into Desired Shape

We chose to do a sort of honeycomb shape for a more natural/earthy vibe. But you can basically cut it into any shape you want! Again, make sure your wire cutters are strong ones. This chicken wire is no joke. 

Step 3: Cut the Flowers and Hot Glue them onto the Wire

Make sure you leave a little of the stem on the flower so it will more easily attach to the wire! Also, if you cut off the entire stem, the flower kind of falls apart. ;) Also, if you prefer to use floral wire instead of hot glue to wrap the stems around the wire, that also works! I'm tellin' y'all. Morgan is seriously floral DIY queen. 

Step 4: Continue Placing Flowers into Desired Pattern

Morgan chose to do kind of a trickling effect with this little babe. I plan to later kind of frame it with smaller honeycombs that are a little more full, but this was the perfect design for the base! 

Step 5: Pick a Spot and Hang it Up (using command strips or nails)!

I mean, I'm just totally in love. It was the perfect addition to this wall (which I can't wait to keep working on! Our flea market mirror pictured was the first addition!). 

If you give it a try, feel free to tag us @awhimsywonderland! 

We'd love to see what ideas you come up with! Thinking I might do some with a brighter color next time? ;) 

Peace, Love, & Flowers,