Grand Central Market

Y'all. I'm sure most everyone who lives in L.A. knows about this place, but as newbies, my hubs and I just discovered it this week. GRAND CENTRAL MARKET! What a hidden gem! Excuse my excitement, it's from being around all this heavenly food. 

....there is a pasta bar here. Like, you watch them make the pasta from scratch. I think I might trade in quite a few alcoholic bars for more pasta bars. As long as there's still wine, because wine. 

Anyway, Ty and I usually use Sundays to explore. It's our day off together, and we always try to do something we haven't done before. And now living in L.A., the possibilities are literally endless. We just stumbled upon this place during one of our outings and decided to try it out! 

Seriously cool, y'all. Food is my most favorite thing, and it was almost overwhelming how many choices there were! We wound up choosing a cute Falafel place and it was sooooo good! 

And there were cold-pressed juice popsicles, so how could we not?

Stumble upon this place if you haven't yet! Finding new things about your city is always so fun! 

Also, let us know where we should eat next time, cause we'll definitely be back! 


Peace & Popsicles,


Photos by Cortney Moore