Crown Braid Tutorial

crown braid-23.jpg

Who else is mildly obsessed with this hair trend? I sure am. I keep seeing it all over my Pinterest and IG feeds. It's so romantic and pretty. I never thought I'd be able to actually do it to to my own hair. It seemed entirely too involved and I'm pretty lazy. But lo and behold, it's SO EASY! (praise hands emoji).

Lemme walk you through it. **SKILLS REQUIRED: know how to french braid** ;)

I like having little dangley things hanging down with my bangs. Pull out whatever hair you'd like to be left out. Then create a major 'Myspace Era' side part...almost down to your ear.

Grab three sections of hair at your part. Start creating a french braid that goes "out" rather than "in," except! (this is important) don't grab hair from the backside, only the front. Grab from the front, braid, braid again, then you're back to the front.

Once you're to the back of your head, you'll need to re-position your hands. This just takes practice! Try and keep your three sections of hair untangled from the rest so it doesn't turn into a random mess of hair with some braiding mixed in.

Braid to the other side... and time to re-position again! This one is harder, I think. Just remember, you're only grabbing and adding hair from the outside of the braid, not the side closest to the crown of your head.

Once you've collected all your hair, braid all the way to the end and secure with a little hair tie. Then, (MOST IMPORTANT PART) pull every part of the braid loose. This will make it look full and messy and perfectly disheveled. Wrap the braid up and behind the original french braid. Pin thebraid in several places to secure. (Also, do a better job hiding the hair tie than I did...)

Hooray! You're a Renaissance Fairy Princess!

Love & Pretty Locks



Photos by Cortney Moore