Saturdays are for Dating


This adult thing is hard & really time consuming. Can I get an amen?!

It is seriously once in a blue frickin' moon that Tyler and I have a day off together. And neeeeever two days in a row! So, usually our days off consist of laundry, grocery shopping, running errands here and there. Ya know. Things us grown-ups do. All the adulting. 

And I'm sure we're not the only ones who feel it. It's so easy to just get in that routine and forget to take time to just be. We live in one of the most magical places in the world! We revel in that fact each time we go out and explore or just walk around our neighborhood. And we still have so much that we want to see! So, this past weekend, we decided to make an entire date day & night. Just to focus on spending time together, trying new things, and appreciating the beauty around us. 

We started off the day by (first, sleeping in. hollaaaaaaa.) brunching somewhere new. Joan's on Third in Studio City. Holy gorgeous. And you know exactly what I mean if you've ever been. Bright white walls, beautifully tiled floors, delicious looking everything (food and decor). 

And everything we had was superb. Their vanilla latte is 100% heaven & just go ahead and save yourself the decision, and get the strawberry buttermilk muffin. Just do it. Also, as you can see, we really like choices. We're that couple who always makes sure to order different things so we can taste each others'. 

After brunch, we just walked around and explored a little. Studio City has such cute little mom & pop shops & pretty neighborhoods, and we love to just aimlessly roam, looking at all the cute houses, and dreaming about someday owning one (and if I have my way, it'll be pink). 

Tee: Forever 21; Bag: Kate Spade

Also, Ty's been practicing shooting with my Canon DSLR. He's getting pretty good too, if I do say so myself. ;)

After spending our day exploring, we came home, got dressed up, & went out to dinner.

Dress: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: Modcloth

P.S. I think my husband is just the most adorable thing since sliced bread.....okay, maybe second place to sliced bread. ;) And as you can tell from above, he is always camera ready. 

Also, we're such foodies, guys. Like, seriously. If we could've written in our vows a separate section that said "I take you, pasta, to be my lawfully wedded whatever," we would have. Trying new restaurants together is something that's alway so fun for us! And again, rarely do we get the time (& we're also not millionaires) to actually plan out what we want to try. 

So, we made a reservation at this French place called Fig & Olive, where we dined on just truly insane French food, whiskey, & wine.  My recommendation for this place: the La Chapelle rose wine & the crostinis. You won't regret it. 

After our amazing (but still really light, which is another reason I loved this place so much...all the fresh ingredients) dinner and some more walking around, we decided to cap off this fabulous day with ice cream at McConnell's (another new spot for us! Three new places in one day!). 

^ pics taken with my iPhone, obvs, but I love this goob. :) 

Again, flavor recommendations for McConnell's. I got the Churros Con Leche mixed with Sea Salt something. I can't even remember. That's how good it was. Ty got the coffee chip, as he does everywhere. But it was so good too. And I'm pretty sure we sampled at least 4 flavors before we decided. The baristas were super friendly. Another place to put on your list! :)


Anyway, all of this to say, go out. Make each other laugh. Don't look at Instagram during dinner. Act stupid. Skip up and down the street. Breathe. 

Love & More Love,


Photos by Tyler & Cortney Moore