Jenna's Birthday Shenanigans!

I'm 23!! And as I'm sitting here reflecting on this past weekend's festivities...I feel completely and totally overwhelmed with gratitude and love for every single person in my life. I've been on the verge of (happy) tears all weekend. I had the absolute best birthday of my whole life, and I'm just so stinkin' happy!

It all started Saturday night. Cort told me she had something planned, but I had no idea just what! She blindfolded me and took me to THE coolest bowling alley ever, and ALL my friends were there waiting to surprise me!! (Insert crying emoji and all the hearts). They had old, classic movies playing above the lanes and an amazing DJ. Check out 'Bowlero' in Mar Vista if you get the chance!!

It was an absolute blast. I'm so terrible at bowling, and they even had the bumpers up on our lane... whatevz. ;)

Then Sunday morning, (my actually b-day/Valentine's Day), I woke up to 23 pink balloons filling my dining room! Then, a few of us had a bougie brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I had never been before, but I knew it was all pink, so that had to happen. IT'S THE CUTEST PLACE EVER IN THE WORLD. You have to go. Pink everything, palm trees galore, stripes everywhere...I was in heaven! We dined at the Cabana Cafe by the pool. Oh, by the way, the weather could not have been more perfect. I love that February in Los Angeles means short, swingy dresses and eating outside. I was born in the middle of a blizzard in Oklahoma, y'all.

This place is entirely too pricey, but it's okay when it's your birthday. It was delish, though. And I had a pink sangria. Points for that!

The day continued with the Farmer's Market, floral arranging, champagne and more cake on my patio, and sushi at Sugarfish, aka the best sushi place in LA.

My heart is just bursting with love and thankfulness. I wish all of this love to all of you, tenfold!!

[all photos taken with iPhone and edited with A Color Story]

Love & Love & Love