On Trend: Adult Coloring Books

Latest obsession for all 20 somethings. 

Adult coloring books. They're everywhere. I guess the universe finally figured out that we were all tired of coloring princesses and characters from Rudolph. I mean, I wasn't, but maybe the rest of the adult population was. Maybe I prefer the princess coloring books? I think I work better with thicker lines. 

Anyway, the point of this post, everyone is raving about these things. Therapeutic, fun, and something other than Netflix or Pinterest (both of which occupy a lot of my time, and probably yours too...no shame!). 

So, steal pictures from your kiddos' coloring books no more! Because it is now totally acceptable in adult world to carry around a coloring book in your purse. And even more than acceptable, it's actually trendy, and one trend I'm really enjoying. Until I get out of the lines a little and get so flustered that I have to throw the picture out and start on a new one. 


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Keep it creative, y'all,