Girly Garb: Winter Cozies

Cozy dresses, lots of denim, wool socks, turtlenecks, and all the cute booties---just a few of our fave things about winter in L.A. 

First of all, Los Angeles totally does have winter. It just gets here a little later, and doesn't stay quite as long as it does in our home states of Tennessee and Oklahoma. But trust us, after living in sunny Southern California for a few years, 50 degrees totally feels bone chilling and is the perfect excuse to break out the winter wardrobe! At least for us. ;)

Jenna really likes to cozy up in flowy dresses, and often styles them with other mixed patterns underneath versus wearing a jacket, to make them a little more edgy (just like her)! ;) And of course, a bold, dark lipstick is also necessary! 

And if y'all haven't yet picked up on it, Jen definitely has the bigger affinity for dresses. You can almost always find Cortney in ripped, high-waisted jeans/shorts/or rompers! These black-denim jeans are her go-to's for any season! In summer, they're usually paired with a crop top. But in winter, a slouchy tee, denim jacket (with flair, cause obvs), some fluffy socks and combat boots usually do the trick! 

p.s. this last picture was an outtake that we could not resist putting in, because there's always at least one shot in the camera roll where I (Cort) just look incredibly vain and we always die. Like, we probably laughed for 10 minutes over this one. What can I say? I'm obviously really important and classy. 

Jen's wearing: Dress- Anthropologie, Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Moccasins-Minnetonka, Sunnies- Free People, Lippy- Lime Crime

Cort's wearing: Denim Jacket- Philanthropy, Jeans- Urban Outfitters, Neck-tie- Urban Outfitters, Donut Clutch- Urban Outfitters, Boots- Forever 21, Tee- UrbanTeeFarm (on Etsy), Pins-Various Makers (ask if you want details on a specific one!), Lippy- Revlon

Happy exploring, babes! 

Have an extra cup of hot cocoa for us! 


Cort & Jen