Mani Monday at Olive & June!

What better cure for the Monday blues than a manicure with your best gal pal at the cutest, pinkest, most aesthetically pleasing spot in Los Angeles?! 

No doubt if you live in L.A. (and probably even if you don't), you've heard of this magically Instagrammable nail spot. They've got a few locations scattered around & we treated ourselves to manis at the Beverly Hills location. Cause sometimes ya just gotta take a break from the crazy, sit back and gossip, and remember that it's okay to have a day to just relax. 

You should definitely make an appointment beforehand (which we did), because they were pretty busy, even at 3pm on a Monday! They have you fill out a form before you get going, asking what type of massage pressure you like, how you like your nails shaped, your favorite magazines to read, and a few other questions so they can really make the experience great for you! The staff was also extremely friendly & welcoming! 

Just be aware that it is a little more pricey than your average nail salon, but you're paying more for the whole aesthetic experience & uniqueness of the whole place! And there are fresh flowers on the wall, and everything is blush, and we just can't get over it! 

I got a reverse french mani, and Jenna got a lovely shade of pink with cute eyeball nail art! 

All in all, it's definitely an L.A. must! 

Love, light, & pretty nails!