Lazy Girl Hairstyles (that make you look like you tried)

By this point I'm sure you've figured out that we fancy ourselves rather lazy. We're all about working hard when it counts, and cutting corners everywhere else. (Work smarter, not harder...right?). We also value our sleep over most spending less time getting ready is a must. We always wanna look like we put effort into our look, without spending the time to do so! So today we're gonna show you a few of our favorite hairstyles to make it look like you tried!

So skip that shower and get that dry shampoo we go!

1. The Sprout

Pull up half of your hair on top of your head. Squeeze that pony tight and tease the snack out of it. Hairspray to stay, and you're done!

2. Milkmaid Braids

Part your hair in the center. Braid two braids like normal, just make sure to make it tighter towards the base of he braid. Pull them up, cross on top of your head, and pin into place.

3. Double Buns

Part hair in center. Twist and twirl hair in to bun. Do same for other side and say a little prayer that it matches the first one. Pull a little hair out of the buns to make it look messy, but like, messy on purpose.

**If hair is longer, we suggest making two ponytails first, then twisting the buns into place and pinning them!

4. Twisty Dog Ears

Make 2 long ponytails by your ears. Twist the hair a lot, until it doubles up on itself. Twist the end of your pony around the base and pin it behind the base, leaving little sprouts like you see above! ^^^

5. Bold Braid

*A little french braiding required!* Make your side part a little more extreme than usual. Start your dutch braid (the french braid that goes out instead of in) at the part and stop french braiding at the temple on the other side of your head. Finish out the braid like normal. Put a bobby pin at the end so it stays. MOST IMPORTANT PART: Pull out every section of the braid to make it look fluffy! Especially toward the start of the braid. Then secure on head with a bobby pin.

6. Teacher Bun

Pull all your hair on top of head like you're going to make a high pony. Twist all the way up, then around into a bun. Take a sharpened pencil (or a chopstick)...enter the pencil downward on the right side of the bun, then under the middle section of the bun like you're weaving, the up and out the left side. Pull out little strands around your face for a messy look!

And there ya have it! 6 options for when you wanna sleep in just a little longer, but still impress ya friends.

Do you have any go-to hairstyles for those lazy days? Tell us in the comments!

Love & Laziness