A Whimsy Wishlist - Our Grown Up Christmas List

"Noooo mooore lives torn apart. And wars would never start. And time could heal a heeeaaart!"

While we more than agree with that sentiment, we love wishing for silly "things," too! :P

Jenna's up first!

When I shop online, I'm all about picking out a complete outfit. Something about wearing an outfit that's all brand new makes a girl just feel faaaaabulous. Especially when that outfit includes a faux-fur number. Meow! (Click through for links!)

Now, as far as "things" go...I'm dying for these babes!

You guys, I really want a black standard poodle. LIKE REALLY A LOT.

Cortney's turn!

Hey, babes! So, I'll follow Jenna's example and list my clothes first. Now, I'm a summer lovin' gal, and totally believed everyone when they said "Oh, California doesn't really have a winter." Uhh, WRONG. Homegirl got rid of basically all her winter clothes before moving out here and these past few weeks, I've been freezing my peach off! Def needing something other than tanks and sandals. Click through for the links of some of my winter faves too! 

And now for my "things"! Y'all know I like to spend a lot of my time in the kitchen, so it's no surprise that two of the things on my wish list are cooking related. ;)



What's on your wishlist this year?

Love & Wishful Thinking

Jen & Cort