Cute, Easy, & Colorful DIY Pumpkins!

October is just one of the best months, am I right?! 

I mean, we have:

  • Mean Girls Day (October 3rd)
  • National Taco Day (October 4th) 
  • National Fluffernutter Day (October 8th)
  • National Leif Erikson Day (October 9th)...okay, I didn't even know this was a real thing, but all my Spongebob lovers sayyyyy "hinga-dinga!"...if you didn't watch Spongebob, I wouldn't be surprised if you stopped reading here.
  • AND HALLOWEEN (October 31st, duh!)

Halloween is one of Jenna's and my favorite holidays. Give us all the candy, halloween decorations, crazy makeup, all of it! We wanted to decorate our pumpkins a little different! Carving them is always fun, but we wanted to give you a few other (easy) options to decorate with them!

Now, we love us a good DIY, but we are definitely not DIY Pinteresty Queens. But we love all things bright, quirky, and colorful! And that's exactly how we wanted to make our pumpkins! So, we got some sprinkles, some glitter, and a pair googley eyes, and went to town! 

Again, they were all pretty easy! Here's how we did it:

For the sprinkled one, we just coated the pumpkin in white frosting, and mashed the sprinkles into it! 

Cause sprinkles are everything right now, right?! We're totes on board with that!

p.s. don't try to eat it, as yummy as it looks. ;)

For the glitter one, we just used roll on glue instead of frosting so that the glitter would stick. Basically just coat it in glue and roll it in as much glitter as possible! 

Would it even be our pumpkin if it wasn't pink?!

And finally, our favorite! The googley eyed pumpkin---which we believe was subconsciously inspired by Marcel the Shell with Shoes On....anyone remember her? Just glue on some googley eyes, add some confetti for hair, and obviously she'll need some lipstick! She's quirky and cute, and we may keep her even after Halloween. Also, we don't get attached to inanimate objects at all. Like none whatsoever. ;)

Again, super easy, and a little different than the millions of already orange and black pumpkins you have around your house if you're as Halloween obsessed as we are.

Stick em around your house, and then when people come over and tell you how cute they are, you can scoff about how you literally made them in five minutes. Or, maybe just say thanks?...Yeah, that's probably better. ;)

Happy Halloween-ing, punkins!