How to Have an At Home Pamper Day

Hi, babes! 

So, the holidays are in full swing over here! Our east-coast pals are definitely being visited by old man winter.  But in L.A., trees are changing, the weather is slightly cooler, and we are running around like crazy! Still being fairly new to the blog scene (we launched in February of this year), we are getting accustomed to quick deadlines, a little more travel, challenging our creativity for various brands, and also trying to work all of this in to our regular work schedules (we are both bridal stylists during the week, which is also fun, but a lot of work)! 

So, mental health days are few and far between for us. Most of the time when we're hanging out, it's for work! But over the last few months, we've realized just how important it is to have a "reset" day every once in a while. Veg out, don't look at your phone, ignore emails, just for one day! It's amazing how much it helps you to not get burnt out on whatever you're working on! So, we've put together a post on how to basically have a "treat yo'self" day at home!

First, we'll start with a beauty regimen. And I don't really mean a makeup routine. I mean, inner and outer beauty. Take care of your body! 

Do some yoga! 

I like to start my off days with a little yoga! Whether you go to a studio, or do it in your living room, it's a great way to kick start your metabolism, and get your body all warmed up for the day. My favorite Youtube channel is Tara Stiles Yoga! She's got everything from stretch routines, inversions, to cardio! And different levels from beginner to advanced! 

Don't put on any makeup & stay in comfy clothes! 

This can sometimes be a challenge for me. I'm slowly getting more comfortable in my own skin, sans makeup. As much fun as it is to get dolled up, your skin deserves a break once in a while! And guess what! You're just as beautiful without it! 

P.S. most of my comfy clothes are from Target, including this "Brunch So Hard" tee! 

Pamper your skin! 

Some of my favorite ways to treat my skin & lower my stress levels are through essential oils and facemasks! 

Lavender oil is an always go-to for me! If I get too overwhelmed, I literally don't sleep, so it's super helpful for that, as well as just getting you in a relaxing mindset for the day! Rosehip oil is another current favorite of mine! It has numerous skin benefits & definitely something I'd recommend! Also, if you're a bath kind of person, a relaxing bath bomb is always a good idea! Lush bath bombs are my current fave! 

After you're done with your beauty regimen, focus on relaxing

Brew yourself some coffee or tea! 

Turn on your favorite TV show or dive into a book! Or both, cause time isn't a factor today! 

My "chill out" shows include Gilmore Girls (foreverrrr), Friends, and The Office. I'm also currently reading the Miss Peregrine trilogy and it's so good! I'd recommend it if you like weird Tim Burton-ish kind of stuff! 

Another thing I really love to do on my days off is to dive into my coffee table books! Some of my faves are pictured above! Finding new projects, recipes, or just inspiration really enlightens me! 

Now, we're at my favorite part! The pampering or the actual "treating" yo'self! ;)

Because you're a freakin' boss babe and you deserve it! 

Paint your nails! 

And I mean, if you have the stuff, give yourself a full on manicure. Seriously one of my fave ways to unwind! 

Light your favorite candle! 

Nothing better than your house smelling like Pumpkin Spice or Sugar Cookies! ;)

Buy yourself a present! 

I love, love, loooove having plants or fresh flowers in the house, even though I usually kill them within a week's time. So, against my and my husband's better judgment, I usually go for a plant baby to bring home! 

I'm also fully aware that succulents are supposedly the easiest plants to keep alive. Nope, I still kill em. #greenthumb 

And finally, indulge in your favorite treats! 

Don't count calories today. Treat your body well, and have a day to indulge, because occasionally, it's actually good for you. *gasp*! 

And can you even go wrong with wine & ice cream?!

This Pinot Gris from Rainstorm is one of my favorites! And Ben & Jerry always come through for me. Lily is a pretty big advocate for ice cream in bed too. ;) 

Take some time for yourself & move slow. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes! 

If you have any go-to pamper routines, we'd love to hear em! 

Peace, love, & ice cream,