Blogger Halloween Costume

Halloween is like Christmas for bloggers. Halloween costumes are everywhere along with the tutorials of how to make 'em!

Here are some links to a few of our faves:

Boba Tea Costume by Aww, Sam

Cereal Bowl Costume by Studio DIY

Stranger Things Couples Costume by Keiko Lynn

Some serious DIY talent out there! So, we wanted to join in the fun this year with something a little different and give you a full on tutorial for your "Blogger Halloween Costume!"

And it's great because you already have all of the necessary items! (Cause we're all guilty and we're unashamedly a part of the stereotypical blogger type. #notsorry ;)

You need: 

  • Something with a bold pattern, like Cort's donut dress from Shop & Apparel or Jenna's necktie from Urban Outfitters
  • A denim jacket with lots of flair
  • Some giant, colorful pool floaties
  • Something with sprinkles (i.e. donuts & animal crackers)
  • Balloons. Preferably pink
  • DIY shirt with clever saying
  • More accessories than you already have on
  • Polka dots and bows
  • Glittery shoes
  • The pink pleather jacket from Zara
  • And a pineapple something
  • And most importantly, A COOL WALL

And you're pretty much good to go!

Really and truly, we love what we do. But when you've got all these props and you're standing and posing in front of a colorful mural for an hour, and all the people who walk by kind of just look at you and roll their eyes like, "Oh, they must be bloggers," embrace it! Because dancing around with balloons and getting to eat donuts all the time is really kind of awesome. ;)

Love to all you babes doin yo thang.


Jen & Cort