On Trend: Cort's 2016 inspo- Floral Patterns!

Surely, you've all noticed this trend. One that I'm completely loving by the way. Floral patterns, EVERYWHERE! Men, women, kids. Shirts, shoes, house wear. Even the floral wallpaper is making a comeback! While my husband has firmly told me time and time again, that we will never have floral wallpaper, you guys can have it, and still be trendy! Bring Granny's couch out of the basement, and if you don't want it, sell it on Craigslist. People will pay for that sucker! 

Again, I am all for this trend. Maybe it comes with having been in the bridal/design business for so long (or maybe just from being a girl), but I just love flowers. Real ones, fake ones (for crafting), on my clothes, on my cupcakes (edible ones, of course), I can't get enough. 

So, here are a few of my favorite floral trends!

1. Floral Dresses. Liiiiiike, my closet is full of them. Bold prints, subtle prints, and everything in between. Jenna's definitely more of a stripes & polka dots kinda gal. I'm all about the florals.


2. A Kitchen-Aid Floral Mixer?! Like, COME ON! I'll take the kitchen wallpaper to match, please & thank you. 

3. Floral Prints on guys (more specifically my hubs). ;) So glad he's on board with one of my fave prints. Even if I did pick out his floral shirts for him. Whatevs.

4. I think this is the kitchen that matches the Kitchen Aid Mixer pictured above. So. Much. Love. 

5. This floral wedding gown by Monique Lhuillier! Why were these not a thing when I got married?! Maybe for our 10 year vow renewal. 

6. The rug, the couch, the pillows. Absolutely all of it. I could probably just move to a field of flowers and be just fine. 

Get a better look at how to incorporate these beautiful details into your life! Follow the numbered links to see the looks! 

1. / 2./ 3. / 4./ 5./

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Peace, Love, & Flowers,