New Year, New 'Do!

GUYS! It's 2016. Like, how did that even happen?!

My husband and I have lived in LA for over 7 months now. That's just crazy to me. This new year was definitely a new kind of celebration for Jenna and me, as it was both of our first time to ring in the new year in Los Angeles, the city that we've fallen head over heels within the past 12 months (well, over a year for Jenna, 7 months for me, but you get the idea)! 

So, of course we made our "new year goals." Eat healthier, exercise more, watch less Netflix, yadayadayada. PS, I'd much rather call them "goals" than "resolutions." Sounds more positive to me, I don't know why. :) All good things to aspire to, but we decided we wanted to go into this year feeling fresh & new too! One good way to do that is to change up your hair! Be impulsive. Find a cut & color on Pinterest and just go for it! 

So, here is both of our Before & After! 

Jenna's Before: Reddish, brown; long & layered; sweet side swept bangs

 Jenna's After: Edgy (because if I could choose one word to describe Jenna, that would be it), straight across cut; blunt bangs; and JET black. Like dayyyy-ummm. 


Cortney's Before: Long & layered, honey-blonde ombre, and WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME MY ENDS WERE THAT DEAD?! Whatevs. 

 Cortney's After: Short & playful; ashy blonde bob; a few layers to add volume

Whether it be a dramatic change, or just something to getcha feelin' like a new woman, change IS good (and this doesn't just apply to hair!). If you want something to be different, go out and do it! Once more, life is as beautiful as you make it. 

You do you, beauties. You do you.