Girly Garb: UO Forever

I feel like every girl (and fellas too) just has a brand that has her heart. Like, you love anything and everything, even the weird stuff. Stuff you don't need, stuff you'll never need, but this loved brand of yours puts it out, and you suddenly have to have the printable of a slice of pizza or a kitten with sunglasses, both of which cost a small fortune, but it doesn't matter because THIS IS YOUR BRAND DAMMIT! 

Well, we have a few brands we feel that way about! Some of them include Modcloth, Target, Free People,  and, duh, Urban Outfitters. And as different as Jenna and I are in our styles (which I'm sure you can tell from the pictures), we share a mutual love for Urban. And working for the umbrella company that Urban is under (which also includes Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain, and BHLDN....all of which we heart so much!) definitely doesn't help the droolfest that happens every time we walk through the doors. 

So this post is dedicated to our mutual UO love that I'm sure we share with many of those who are reading this. <3

Jenna's wearing: Swing Dress, Boots, Tights, Lime Crime Lipstick- Urban Outfitters

Cortney's wearing: Swing Dress & Lime Crime Lipstick- Urban Outfitters, Booties- Modcloth, Necklace-Target

 Also, in the hair flipping picture, don't you just love how Jenna can keep a poised model face and mine just goes crazy? I think it's great. 

We did this shoot in West Hollywood. I know we've made our affinity for colored walls known. Bonus points if ya find these! ;)

Extra bonus points if you can dance as good as we can ^^^^^

Also, what's your brand? The one you flip out over? Let us know! Show us your style! And let us know of any brands you love that we may not know of! We're always looking for new things to try out/on! 

Just tag us on Insta @awhimsywonderland! <3

Love & Sunshine,


Photos by Caroline Moore Pictures