Exploring Nick's Metropolis

Since discovering this little gem, it's become one of my favorite places to go and get some quirky and creative inspiration! It's filled to the brim with old LED signs from places like Toys 'R' Us and Starbucks. It also has loads of old (pretty dusty) props from movies and music videos. Not to mention about a thousand completely random items that just make you go, "huh?"

Feast your eyes on the glory that is Nick's Metropolis Antiques and Furniture...

"Hey girl, HAAAYYY!"

"...it's me." -Adele

Me and this guy...we go way back.

We're pretty positive this wasn't a real Barbie...

"I'll hold a 'C' for Cortney...bleck this stinks."

*Insert crying laughing emoji to represent us when we looked back and saw this picture. Hahahaha*

*Playing "Lean on Me," cause it's the only one she knows.* ;)

We're convinced this was created by Phoebe Buffay ^^^


Hopefully you felt like you were experiencing this magical wonky-ville right along with us. If you're in the area, you should def check it out for yourself! (It's on the corner of La Brea and 1st). This place 100% resonates with the major weirdo in me.


Love & Oddities



Photos taken by Jenna Stocks and Cortney Moore