Hiking on a Wednesday

Y'all. Aren't surprise dates the best dates?!

Tyler and I have been married for almost five years now (still can't get over that it's been almost that long), and I still get so giddy when I come home from work and he says, "I've got something special planned for us tomorrow, but it's a surprise." And I'm a person who has a love/hate relationship with surprises. I mean, any surprise. I'm like a kid not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve. Half excited, half anxious. But he always does so well with them. 

So, today, he made me breakfast, told me to put on my tennis shoes, and drove us and our dog, Lily, out to Pasadena for one of the most b-e-a-utiful hikes we've ever done.

Eaton Canyon. It's worth driving out to the desert a little bit because this California scenery is no joke. It was about 4.5-5 miles and some rough terrain, but gorgeous. There were creeks for our pup to play in and a waterfall at the end (never mind the fact that a sports illustrated photoshoot was happening at the base of the waterfall and there was a whole mess of naked ladies...I'm sure that floats some people's boats). But really, it was gorgeous. 

Disclaimer: Taken with an iPhone cause I had no idea where I was going, and even if I did, no way in heeeell I'd take my precious Canon baby over these rocks. 

And you can probably tell that Lily was over it by the time we got home. 

Another spot worth checking out, y'all. Still can't believe I live in a place this beautiful. Explore where you live. Hidden gems are everywhere. ;)



Photos by Cortney & Tyler Moore