On Trend - Enamel pins

Okay, y'all. Let's just take a second to talk about those adorable pins you see everyone wearing on their jackets/shirts/bags/etc. Enamel pins--holy so much loveeeeee! They're a cute, snazzy addition to any outfit, and are also sometimes really hilarious (Kanye West & Kim Kardashian are now enamel pins...nuff said).

And they're SUPER trendy right now. Literally, around every corner in L.A. Jen & I both work in Beverly Hills, and I could probably buy a house in Beverly Hills if I had a dollar for every girl (and the occasional guy) I've seen sporting these adorable things.

So, we just thought we'd take a minute to show you some of our fave enamel pins (and regular pins)! Hop on trend!

You guys have probably heard of ban.do. If not, leave our blog and visit their website this second. They're way cooler than us. But then come back, cause we like you. They have a huge variety of the most adorable items (all of which I feel like I really need to own), and run promotions all the time if you sign up to be a member of the #girlgang! First two favorite sets of pins are from their website.

The first set is from their Flair Pack- FUN, and the second set is the Flair Pack-OMG. And they're only $10 each! Worth it? Um, there's a french fry pin. Yes, absolutely.

Another one of my favorites is this donut pin designed by FeltGoodCo on Etsy!

I'm donut obsessed. Like, literally. I wish I could become a rewards member at Krispy Kreme. So, I'd wear this one every day.



Another fave is this vintage telephone pin by Little Arrow Studio (another site that repeatedly calls to my wallet because her stuff is so irresistibly cute). You could absolutely wear this to work, even if you worked in a more formal office. Cute & professional. Doesn't get much better than that.



Since these babies are so trendy right now, you have a ton of options to choose from. Google what you want, and you'll most likely find it one place or another. Jump on the bandwagon and start pinning (literally!).

Here's a few Jen has been collecting:

Shop a few more of our favorites from:

Georgia Perry (designer of Kim & Kanye)

Peace & Pins,