L.A. Love- Our Crazy Obsession with Street Art & Bright Walls

When Cort and I very first became friends, we found out that we both have a strong affinity for exploring; hidden gems, nooks and crannies, sketchy-looking places (that are actually totally magical and beautiful) etc.

And also, we both have a MAJOR love for LA street art. One of our first outings was literally just walking around West Hollywood sipping coffee (always) and finding street art. We are 100% the people, while on a group outing, who make the entire group stop to take a picture of a cute wall we've passed. 

We have an ongoing list of street art & brightly colored walls that we've yet to visit!  

Living in L.A. for just a year or so, we've only just scratched the surface! Here are some of our faves so far...

*insert better camera*

As we adventure more, we'll be adding to the list!

Let us know your fave spots too! We wanna hit em all! 

*Bonus! Betcha can’t find all of these places. ;)

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Love & Lollipops

Jen & Cort 


Photos by Beth Helmstetter, Mike Cambiano, Jenna Stocks, and Cortney Moore