LA is for hiking - Coldwater Canyon Edition

Okay, y’all.

So, as we’ve said before, we definitely don’t claim to be a fitness blog. We don’t do cross fit (more power to ya if you do), we don’t run marathons (again, more power to ya), and both of us love a good burger and milkshake on occasion. ;) But, we do appreciate a healthy lifestyle. Both of us exercise on the reg. Dancing (Jenna does it professionally, I just do it after I’ve had wine), yoga, running, and one of our absolute favorite ways to work up a good sweat is hiking. I’d say we formed a lot of our friendship through hiking various trails around L.A. We try to do it at least once a week, together or separate. It’s cathartic, and you just get to marvel that you live in one of the biggest/coolest cities in the world.

One of our favorite hikes is Coldwater Canyon in the Valley. I regularly hike this trail with my husband, Ty and my pup, Lily, too!

It's about a 3.5-4 mile loop (depending on how many side trails you take) that winds through mountains and gorgeous neighborhoods. It's usually pretty quiet and calm and we love to use this time to just reconnect - play with our pup, catch up on each other's weeks, talk about how much we'd love to live in one of these huge gorgeous on and so forth.

I mean, really, talk about some serious home/yard envy!

It’s a lot of up hill hiking, so be prepared to sweat! Especially since it’s seriously always sunny here, but you feel so good afterwards! Again, one of my favorite ways to get into nature and unwind. (And as Jenna always says, "HOW is the sky SO blue?!") You really do get some of the most incredible views of the city (mostly the valley) from this trail. 

Proves my point, right? ;)

So, get outside! Try it out. Go with someone you love (pets count too!), or even someone you just like a little bit . Take advantage of where you live. And then maaaaybe reward yourself with a Poquito Mas steak burrito or something afterwards.

Alright, that’s my encouraging message for the week.

Lily promises you won’t regret it! <3




Photos by Tyler & Cortney Moore - taken on iPhone