Pie Hole

Okay, I do like pilates, but definitely not as much as pie and lattes. 

Seriously, guys. Pie might just be my all time favorite dessert. At least for this week. ;)

Jenna has been raving about this place, the Pie Hole, since I moved here, and we finally got the chance to go together and HOLY MOLY! I might be forever stuffed, and definitely need to do some pilates, but every rich bite was so worth it.

This little gem is nestled in Downtown LA, and another place where you'll most likely always find a line. But once more, for good reason. It's a literal slice (get it?!) of heaven. 

And they don't just have sweet pies! If you're wanting something more hearty for lunch, they have savory pies (I plan on getting the mac n cheese pie next time) and salads too! 

But today, we did hot yoga, and we decided to reward ourselves with something sweet! 

I got the chocolate crostada with their homemade whipped cream (worth the calories? yes sir.), and Jenna got the green tea matcha pie! They have a few more super unique flavors like earl grey, mexican chocolate, & peppermint patty! 

And as Rory Gilmore would say, "No one eats cute." But whatever. 

And pie is not complete without an almond milk latte because we are so California. 

Go check out this gem! Treat yo'self. It's also a really good atmosphere to do some work in on a gloomy day. Because what is more motivational than a slice of pie sitting next to you as you edit some photos?! I can't think of a thing. 

Also, take a picture under these cute sayings and let us see! 

Tag #awhimsywonderland and let us know your flavor recommendations or a new one you've tried! 

Pie is indeed love. Share it with someone you love. 

Or maybe get two pieces, cause seriously, it's good.


Photos by Jenna Stocks & Cortney Moore