Farmer's Markets (AKA What Everyone in L.A. Does on Sundays)

Sunday Funday. That's like, a right of passage here in L.A. 

With endless hiking, shopping, brunch, & fresh market options, how can you not have a Sunday Funday? You've worked for it! Have a mimosa. Eat a waffle. Spend a day doing nothing but what you want to do, versus what you have to do. 

And even if you kind of need to go grocery shopping, a Farmer's Market is a super fun way to do it! I have seriously never seen so many markets in one city. It's like on Sunday, they're around every corner, and they're somehow all swarmed with people. It's just something you do here on Sundays. Ask anyone. 

It's definitely one of Tyler's and my favorite things to do. Walk around, get as many free samples as we can, and stock up on produce, yummy baked treats, fresh flowers, and just whatever else we're craving! It's always a good start to my week, and for a person who strangely loves to grocery shop, really therapeutic. 

PS. Isn't my hubs just adorbs? ;)

The Studio City Farmer's Market is one of our favorites! We live in that area, so it's super close to us. But again, they are seriously everywhere! The farmer's market in West Hollywood (on Melrose) is another one to put on your list! 

Support local businesses, guys! It's SO important! And also really delicious! We came home with a (donut) bag full of goodies! 

Now go out and have yourselves a Sunday Funday! 

Peace & Peaches,



Photos by Tyler and Cortney Moore