DIY Marbled Ornaments

I don't know about y'all, but decorating for the holidays is seriously one of my favorite things to do. It was a big tradition I had with my siblings growing up. Like, there was a certain day marked on the calendar each year for when we were scheduled to put up the Christmas decorations. We went all out. 

While I've scaled down a bit since Tyler and I live in an apartment, I don't love getting out my decorations any less, and I love adding new ones to the collection each year. And who doesn't love a good DIY ornament?! Because, as much as I love Christmas, I'm not the biggest fan of red or green. Just bein' honest, here. 

But Jenna and I are the biggest fans of pink and glitter and all pastels. So, we decided this year we'd make our own ornament balls! So easy and extra fun if you have some wine! ;)

And a plus about doing this project after the holiday craze...these ornaments are usually on sale! Holla! 

All you need are the clear, glass ornament balls, craft paint of your choice (we usually get ours at Michael''s our crafting promised land where I think we've actually spent three hours shopping. Oops.), GLITTER, and some ribbon to tie it with! And you're ready to go! 

Start by putting the paint in. And you'll need a lot less than you think! Twist the top off of the ornament, and just let enough drip out so that it runs down the side of the ornament. It won't look like much, but you can spread it out by tapping the ornament. Swirl in as many colors as you like! Again, we stuck with mostly pastels with a little accent of maroon thrown in because at least that kind of resembles Christmas, right? The next step is putting in the glitter (and now this, I go overboard with, just in general), and that's it! Shake it around so it'll spread out and you've just created your own DIY ornaments! And I'd say this project cost us less than $20, so all the better!

Also, I said this was more fun with wine. It's also more fun when Friends is playing in the background, as seen above. ;) 

As you can see, we had a lot of fun with it! 

Try it out! Get those post holiday prices! 

And tag #awhimsywonderland so we can see what you beautiful people create! 

Happy DIY'ing! 

Remember, you simply cannot use too much glitter.



Photos by Jenna Stocks and Cortney Moore