The Art of the Messy Bun

Ah, the messy bun. Every girl's life hack for being lazy and looking like she did it on purpose. Working out, grabbing a bite to eat, date nights, you can even occasionally get away with it (paired with the right outfit, of course) going to work...or at least I do. The perfect amount of polish and grunge. C'mon, you know you all do it. Why waste time on a perfect bun when there are at least a thousand different ways to knot your hair up on the top of your head, leave it messy, and it still be socially acceptable?! Life hackin', ladies, life hackin'. 

Again, we all have our favorite ways of showing off this (hopefully forever lasting, cause I mean, sleeping in) trend, so we decided to show you a few techniques we've come to know and love over the years. 

So, I (Cortney) will go first! :)

The two styles that you see in the grid above are my go-tos. I have really long, thick hair, that loves to, often times, think it's still surrounded by Tennessee humidity, frizz out, and just not cooperate. And that's when this style saves the day. 

The first style...I'll call it the Messy Rachel Green. All my Friends fans in the house say heyyyyy! 

But for real, she always had the perfect 90's messy bun. Given, it was usually held up by one of those huge clip things, but again, modernizing here. And it's so so easy. And also masks dirty hair pretty well. 

I usually start by spraying dry shampoo or texturizing spray on my hair to add some extra fullness. With the Rachel Green Bun, I leave a lot of layered strands down in the front, parted in the center, just to bring that 90's charm full circle. 

I also pull my hair back in sections-top, middle, & bottom- to create more bumps and looseness . Twist it around my hands a few times, tie it on the top with a hair tie, and voila! 

You're basically a 90's Central Perk princess. 

This next style I've come to love over the past couple of years is great for so many reasons. A new twist to this messy bun game we've all perfected throughout our lives. 

Maybe the bottom half of your hair is still holding last night's curls, but the top few layers just aren't feeling it. Maybe you slept on your bangs weird and now there's a funny crease in them. Or maybe your arms have just gotten too tired from trying to tie all of your hair up in a non-cooperative style. 

Whatever. This girly-grunge top knot style is one I run to alllllll the time. 

And there are even a few different ways to do this one! Once more, I usually just take the top few layers of my hair, scrunch them up on the top of my head, and call it a day, but occasionally, I'll twist it into a more ballerina-ish kind of knot, all pinned down proper and such. Either way, easy peasy. 

My turn!

I'm a big fan of this hairstyle because I'm relatively lazy, and as Cort mentioned earlier, also like to sleep in. Far too often, I'll throw my hair up and wash my bangs in the sink (ATTN: girls with bangs. This is a major life-hack!) and call it good!

So, my first go-to messy bun is more of a cheater's version of a bun. You start with a high ponytail, then sloppily swirl your hair around it and bobby pin it into place. Voila!

Next up, we have the "No Hair Tie" bun.

I love doing my hair this way, because my mom used to do her hair like this but with a number 2 pencil. I like using a decorative chopstick cause I think it looks kewl.  I always thought she looked so classy and perfectly disheveled. All you do is twist all your hair up real high, then continue twisting that direction into a pile on top of your head. Here's the trickier part that may take a couple of tries to get right: insert the chopstick (or pencil) from above into the right side of the bun. Then, weave it under the bottom middle part of the bun. Finally, weave back up and out the left side. And as always, make everything else super messy by pulling some strands out here and there.

Now you have FOUR options of messy buns! #yourewelcome

Comment below and tell us your favorite technique for your top-knots. Have a lovely day, and tell a stranger they're pretty!

Love & Life-hacks

Jen + Cort


Photos by Jenna Stocks and Cortney Moore