Girly Garb: Silverlake Edition

Magical rainbow staircases, deliciously hip coffee shops, brightly colored walls (my personal fave photography hack), wonderful vintage shops, and quirky cute everything...that's Silverlake. Aka hipster mecca (but hey, we're not complaining). This is our favorite place to escape to, where we walk around aimlessly with our coffees and camera, and dream about owning a pink house!

Cort's wearing: Beret-Forever 21/ Scarf-Forever 21/ Shirt- H&M/ Jeans- H&M/ Bag- Target/Boots- Steve Madden

Jen's wearing: Hat-Anthropologie/ Dress-Urban Outfitters/ Bag-Big Buddha/ Tights-Forever 21/ Boots- Steve Madden/ And, as always, Lime Crime Lip Color. ;)

We always have to stop by Alfred's Coffee (where the cute mustache wall is & where the delicious strawberry pastry also is) and Intelligentsia (where you're more than likely to run into a famous hipster). I know, I know, too much caffeine. But YOLO! The kids still say that, right? 

I strongly encourage you to go out and find something new about your city. Order something different off the menu. Explore something new, do something you've never done before. Or revisit your favorite place and discover something new about it! 

Take lots of snapshots! Life is as colorful and beautiful as you make it...why not live in a rainbow?!

Love & Laughter,



Photos by Cortney Moore and Jenna Stocks