Goin' Home: Nashville, Tennessee

Hey, y’all (super appropriate with this post, am I right?!)!

Last week, Ty and I got to visit our hometown, Nashville, for the first time since moving away to L.A. I was maid of honor in one of my best friend’s, Miranda’s, wedding, and we were able to turn it into a whole trip–see our families and homes, eat a LOT, and do all the fun wedding things!

Just a few snapshots from our trip!

*****Wedding portraits by Andrew Allen Morton Photography!

They’re a dream, right?! Check him out, and look at the rest of this beautiful couple’s photos here!

Also, visit Nashville. I am absolutely smitten with L.A., and Tyler and I will probably never move away, but Nashville. It’s got a lot of love, y’all.

Let’s keep it real southern.

Biscuits & Blessin’s. ;)



Photos by Andrew Allen Morton and Tyler & Cortney Moore